A “good year” for the kissinger sommers forderverein

Necessity has become a virtue, so to speak. In 2017, pianist julian trevelyan was unable to attend the presentation of the luitpold prize of the forderverein kissinger sommer, traditionally awarded during the closing gala on the penultimate evening of the festival, for scheduling reasons. But the handover could be made up for at the members meeting of the forderverein. The young brite not only accepted his prize, but also gave a few samples of his work.

This year it was similar. Soprano teva shehoval was also prevented from attending the closing gala, but was able to come to the members’ meeting. She also accepted her prize and then sang four romantic songs, accompanied on the flugel by samira spiegel. This is a development that the association should maintain. After all, the luitpold prize is not a matter for the kissinger sommers but for the forderverein. And it is a good thing to be able to offer members a little extra exclusivity in this way.

But first there were the regularities. Chairman anton schick sen. Could once again speak of a "good year for the forderverein" report. The association had 921 members as of 1. November 2018, of which 660 individual members, 212 family members, 28 corporate members, 20 demand members and one honorary member (old-intendant dr. Kari kahl-wolfsjager). Thanks to the generosity of the members, it was possible to support the kissinger summer with 85000 euro again this year. The forderverein has already donated 1.94 million euros directly to the festival since its founding. If you add the 21 luitpold prizes of 5,000 euros each and the kissing piano olympics (since 2003), which are largely sponsored by club members, the bottom line is well over 2.2 million euros. Euro. There is no one in sight who could dispute the forderverein’s title of gross private sponsor.

Reception on 13. July

Anton schick announced that "again in 2019, a considerable amount will be handed over to the city". The members’ reception for the kissinger summer 2019 will be held on saturday, 13. July, will again take place in the rossini hall. The chairman thanked all those who are involved in the association and the festival and emphasized the good cooperation with the city of bad kissingen. Work on a well-dosed expansion of the cultural program in the city must continue. Against this background, he called on the members to also join the "freundeskreis kissinger theaterring e", which was newly founded last week.V." To join. And he read out a letter from a couple from wurzburg who have been coming to the kissinger summer for many years and are now complaining that it is becoming increasingly difficult to "have something to eat after the concerts. Anton schick: "this is a current problem. We will be happy to take it up and contact the caterers." The growing murmur in the hall signaled approval.

Treasurer martha muller was able to keep her cash report short: 92 096 euro income (13 875 euro from membership fees, 78 220 euro from donations) against 8874 euro expenses (with a good 7000 euro, the members’ reception was by far the largest item), plus some "coal" on the association’s accounts – so the association did not have any trouble filling out the donation check to the city. And so peter muller, the treasurer, was able to be brief: "the association’s funds were used in accordance with the articles of association and were booked correctly." The discharge of the board of directors, which he proposed, was unanimous. According to mayor kay blankenburg (SPD), every festival needs a sale, artists, an organization and, of course, an audience. And of course the fuel for it all: money. "The forderverein is the biggest sponsor of the kissinger sommer. 85,000 euros is not a symbolic amount, but also a sign of the commitment of the members, also as multipliers." And so he wished that in 2019 the number of members would rise well above the thousand mark: "bring your friends with you". Once they have experienced the kissinger summer, they will come back again and again." Then intendant dr. Tilman schlomp presents the program of the kissinger summer 2019 to the members.

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