About one in six drop out of federal voluntary service

About one in six drop out of federal voluntary service

6750 agreements terminated or cancelled early, spokeswoman says. Why and at what time the engagement ended is not recorded.

The federal commissioner for voluntary services, jens kreuter, told the newspaper that the current dropout rate is "gratifyingly low". The feedback from the practical side of the facilities, including the dropout rate, was extremely positive. There will be an average of 35,000 "bufdis" per year – funding is secured for the same number of places.

The federal voluntary service was introduced on 1. July 2011 as a substitute for the civilian service, which was abolished together with the compulsory military service. At the beginning of may, according to ministry figures, 32,671 so-called bufdis were in service. "We have practically completely compensated for the civilian service. This is a socio-political sensation," the spokeswoman emphasized.

In march, the chairman of the parliamentary subcommittee on civic engagement, markus grubel, had cited a dropout rate of around 10 percent; for voluntary military service, he cited a dropout rate of 27 percent at the time.

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