Adam gumbert: a firefighter like in the book

Adam gumbert: a firefighter like in the book

Gumbert is also honorary commander and honorary chairman of the voluntary fire department ober- mittel-untermembach.

Congratulations were extended not only by his wife maria and his three children and five grandchildren as well as four great-grandchildren, but also by deputy district administrator gabriele klaubner and burgermeister hort rehder. Neighbors and friends did not miss the unusual birthday, and the living room of maria and adam gumbert was visibly filled on their anniversary.

Of course, the fire department of hebdorfer also congratulated with commander burkhardt niepelt and the chairman oliver schubler and second mayor. For the voluntary fire department went through almost the whole life of the jubilarian. His active term of service already began on 1. July 1939 and ended for reasons of age on july 22. January 1989, adam gumbert completed 50 years of active service, including military and labor service. So he was 25 years commander and chairman as well as schriftfuhrer of the membacher fire department and 21 years district fire chief of the subcounty seebachgrund, of it 17 years as a referee with the achievement examinations in the district erlangen-hochstadt on the way.

The fire department also defined part of his working life at siemens, as he was an active member of the plant fire department at siemens (med), today’s siemens medical solutions, for 23 years, including 14 years as head of the plant fire department at med. Because of his services, he was honored by the membach fire department as well as by the state office for fire and disaster control and was appointed honorary district fire chief in 1894, honorary commander in 1985 and honorary chairman in 1990.

Of course, many memories were exchanged at the birthday party and the jubilarian surprised the guests with a poem he had written himself:

I am now 95 years old, I have wandered through life in many places; I have been in the east, in the west, in the north and south, but I prefer to stay in my homeland.
Here you could understand the language, talk with many friends everywhere: on the scale, often have to put every word, not everything but you could also understand for sure.

But the verses go even further and also include the "1000-year empire and the burdens and hurdles of life. But that was not all for a long time, in the last ten years adam gumbert wrote more than 1800 poems and gstanzln, well sorted in a series of folders lined up in the bookcase.

"Two to five words are enough to make a poem", he paid modestly. The fact that adam gumbert is often writing was also confirmed by a neighbor who passes by the house several times with her dog. "When he sits at the window and waves at me, he’s writing, and if he doesn’t wave in the morning, I’m worried, and adam gumbert grinned to himself.

Deputy district administrator klaubner, who leafed through the folders, tried to persuade the author to publish the collection in a book after all. But the adam gumbert was not really convinced of this.

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