Amateur boxer went berserk several times

Amateur boxer went berserk several times

He was considered to be a great young talent of his boxing club. But the alcohol ruined everything. Several times in the suff he started to swing and hurt others quite violently.

For the second time within a year, the 20-year-old has now been sentenced at the district court in kulmbach, germany. The court, chaired by christoph berner, pronounced a juvenile detention, a fine of 1000 euro and various other conditions against the trainee for intentional bodily harm in three cases.

This time, the defendant had been at the 9. April against 4.20 o’clock in front of the dance center in schwingen a parchen approached and asked if he could go with them to kulmbach. The parchen refused because it did not know the defendant. Then he became abusive, insulted the woman and punched the man. A scuffle ensued until both went down, as a result the victim suffered two black eyes, a bleeding injury to his nose and bruises to his arms.

A few weeks earlier, there had already been another dispute among the defendant’s friends. At the "preglow in his girlfriend’s apartment in bayreuth, he strangled a friend, and a second friend who tried to help him was thrown out with two fist punches. Nevertheless the involved wanted to go later still together into a disco direction kulmbach. In the car there were further violent assaults. He choked the driver during the ride, he pulled out a bush of hair from his girlfriend. In leuchau, the young woman was able to escape and to understand the police.

In court, the defendant could remember practically nothing. "I don’t know anymore" or "I have no recollection" were his standard answers to the court’s questions. No wonder: once he had 1.7 per mille of alcohol in his blood, the second time a good two per mille of alcohol in his blood. The young man did not even know what and how much he had drunk beforehand. "When I’m drunk, I get aggressive", he is said to have said to a police officer.

The victim of the incident at the schwingen dance center, a 19-year-old apprentice from kulmbach, was quite rude. The accused does not necessarily have to be punished, he had already provoked a little, he said in the witness stand meekly to the astonishment of all participants in the process.

His girlfriend, an 18-year-old employee from the district, was more explicit. The defendant was quite aggressive. "That was really bad, said the young woman. "Really cold-blooded" the accused is said to have looked. The other witnesses also confirmed the choking during the preglow, the fisticuffs afterwards and the assault during the ride. Strangely enough, none of the injured parties was really angry anymore, they are all friends with the defendant again.

Only the girlfriend, whose hair he had pulled out, kept her distance. She was obviously afraid to testify in front of the defendant and sent her sister in front of him. The court finally decided to dispense with the 19-year-old’s testimony.

Prosecutor willi draise pleaded for a short arrest and a fine in the amount of 1700 euros. Defense attorney wolfgang schwemmer considered a fine of 500 euros sufficient for an income of 700 euros. The court finally decided on a leisure detention, usually a weekend, and on 1000 euros fine in favor of the preservation aid association "fahre e.V." In bayreuth. In addition, the defendant must take part in anti-aggression training, attend addiction counseling at the diaconia, and continue to be under supervision.

"They make a peaceful impression, but woe betide them if they drink alcohol", said the judge to the accused. He must learn to respect the physical integrity of other people in the long term, said berner, and continued: "pre-glowing is now finally over."

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