Are old town residents burger 2. Class?

To the report "lively city center of the 14. September: the "first market is celebrated as a success in the article about the open sunday in ebermannstadt. It may be that a market and an open sunday in the current corona situation with the most beautiful late summer weather is something special for the visitors. However, the residents of the old town experience this market quite differently than reported, especially in view of the fact that there are probably plans to make closing the market square on weekends the standard procedure.

On saturday morning around 6.At 30 o'clock they were woken up in the upper main street by city workers with leaf blowers, because something had to be cleaned up quickly. Rosengasse, brauhausgasse and also basteibraugasse were declared dead ends. But if you think that this will at least give the residents peace and quiet from the traffic, you are wrong. The diverted traffic squeezed through the narrow streets already in the early morning in the form of hundreds of cars and motorcycles, only to find that there was no way to get through. The larm and exhaust gas loads were accordingly.

For the residents, this was a foretaste of what the city administration is planning with isek (integrated urban development concept): namely, the closure of the market square to through traffic on saturdays from 2 p.M. Until sunday at 10 p.M. For the residents of the city center, this is an extreme burden, which should not become a permanent condition. And there is no need to wait in the narrow streets for a child to be run over to show the questionability of such a mabnahme.

So who benefits? The affected burgers obviously no one asks. We old town residents suffer from this additional burden already regularly on many weekends and holidays, when because of kirchweih, old town festival, market days, etc., we have to close the marketplace. Locked is.

The affected castles are quite prepared to accept a restriction of their quality of life in this mab, but it must not become a permanent condition. Are we burger 2. Class, just because we live in the old town?

Hopefully, the city council will see the light and vote against the planned closure of the marketplace in the upcoming decision. According to isek cleanings this is already decided. Who actually decides here? Helmut easily

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