Armed driver arrested

N the night to tuesday, officers of the VPI wurzburg-biebelried arrested a man wanted on a warrant on the A 3, high rudenhausen. They also found three weapons, a small amount of narcotics and had the impression that he was under the influence of drugs. He is now behind bars.

Shortly before midnight, highway patrol officers checked a car and its 48-year-old driver. During the search for prohibited items and illegal substances, they first found a bag with some amphetamine and in his clothing a prohibited switchblade knife. In addition, the man carried two hunting knives, which he had deposited in different places in the vehicle. Furthermore, the policemen noticed drug-typical conspicuities in him. A test indicated that cocaine, amphetamine and cannabis products had been consumed. A blood sample followed.

When checking his personal data in the police search system, the police found out that the eastern european was being searched for. A warrant had been issued for his arrest on charges of notification. Since he was unable to pay the required fine, the police took him to a correctional facility.

He is now being investigated again: for possession of drugs, drunk driving as a result of other intoxicating substances and violation of the weapons act.

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