Bundeswehr lets helicopter pilots train with adac

Bundeswehr lets helicopter pilots train with adac

Last tuesday, the defense ministry signed a contract with the automobile club for 6500 flight hours worth around 21 million euros, according to the news magazine. From march 2018, bundeswehr pilots were to fly hours on civilian EC 135 helicopters at the troop base in buckeburg, lower saxony, for their basic training or to obtain flight licenses.

Reason for the emergency withdrawal: both the military helicopters of the type "tiger", which were introduced only a few years ago, and the NH90 suffer from technical failures and are not available often enough for training flights. The ADAC helicopters are to be used primarily for instrument flying, the defense ministry is quoted as saying. Military pilots continue to be trained on bundeswehr helicopters.

"In principle, we can confirm a cooperation. We are not giving any further details or scope," said a spokesman for ADAC SE, which is organized as a european joint stock company. However, no rescue helicopters of the non-profit ADAC air rescue were used. The civilian helicopters for the cooperation with the german armed forces were provided by ADAC luftfahrt technik gmbh in bonn-hangelar. According to its own information, the school already works as a service provider for several police helicopter squadrons.

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