Cake fire in kulmbach hans-hacker-strabe ends smoothly

Cake fire in kulmbach hans-hacker-strabe ends smoothly

As the head of the kulmbach fire department, michael weich, told us on request, two people had forgotten their food on the stove on the fourth floor of a residential building in hans-hacker-strabe. This caused a fire and a considerable amount of smoke to develop.

The total of six apartments had to be evacuated because the smoke had spread throughout the entire stairwell.

The firefighters were able to pull the pot from the stove and extinguish it in the coil, so that no further damage was caused by fire or extinguishing water. The stairwell was then ventilated with an air truck so that the residents could return to their apartments.

The two residents of the apartment in which the smoke had developed had to be taken to the kulmbach hospital by the red cross with suspected smoke inhalation. Yesterday it was not yet possible to say how much damage had been done.

The kulmbach fire department, led by city fire chief michael weich, was on the scene with a total of 15 firefighters and three vehicles.

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