Children rocking in the new nest

Children rocking in the new nest

Paula and mila, both three years old, don't want to get out of the bird's nest swing anymore. The little girls from ailsbach think their playground is great now. But even nine-year-old noah is not too old for the brand-new equipment: "my mother swings me right up and then i jump out", tells the lousy boy.

Slide and horse

The ailsbach playground is well received, says renate heimann. She is also the chairwoman of the ailsbach village community and the orchard and horticultural society. Before the new equipment was installed, the playground only had an old climbing frame, a swing and a sandbox. And because everything was made of wood, the wind and weather had taken their toll on the guesswork over time. Rotten and decayed as they were, they were no longer safe and the playground was no longer taken down.
Just in time for the open-air season, the playground for ailsbach's youngsters could now be opened with a new inventory. Beside the swing there is a colorful slide and a little horse to see-saw for the very small ailsbacher. Four thousand euro cost all together, female renate heimann.

1750 euros had been received in donations from various groups and associations. More generous donations were the 400 euros from the sale of the calendar by harald kaiser and the same amount from the free election community. 2250 euros were contributed by the village community from the proceeds of its festivities, especially from the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the church last year.

Small celebration

On monday people met at the playground for coffee, cake and grilled food. Mayor theo link (CSU/burgerblock) was enthusiastic about the commitment of the citizens of ailsbach. They will relieve the municipal coffers enormously, said the head of the municipality. "The municipality had not been able to afford such a facility this year!"

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