City of volkach takes over the construction load

City of volkach takes over the construction load

The bypass for volkach and gaibach is on its way: in a fundamental decision, the city council voted late on monday evening – with eleven votes in favor and nine against – to accept the construction burden for the project, which according to current estimates will cost 16.5 million euros.

The extremely close decision in the packed banquet hall of the schelfenhaus means a contribution of at least 1.5 million euros for the city.

In addition, the administration was instructed to negotiate an agreement with the state of bavaria on the special construction obligation and then present it to the city council. A steering group is to be set up to keep the people of burgenland constantly informed.

Marriage at 20.51 hen the result was in, supporters and opponents had once again put their backs into it. "It’s about solving the last traffic problem of the mainschleife permanently," said mayor peter kornell at the beginning of the meeting in front of 100 listeners. The mainbrucke is finished, now the larm load of the citizens must be dammed up, "also because the traffic on the state road 2271 will still further increase."

In 13 years at the earliest

The city’s decision to go ahead with the project was groundbreaking. According to kornell, the last time the city undertook such a large-scale project was between 1984 and 1987, with the construction of the klaranlage. "If we pass the resolution today, it will take at least another 13 years for the road to be finished."In the end, there could be peace in the city: it can be seen in many other places that bypasses, once they exist, can put an end to years of strife.

Reinhold reichel (CSU) said: "I have been on the city council for 29 years, this is the most difficult decision so far."All small solutions are not future-proof, therefore only the rough solution helps. The negative is the financial burden on the city, and the promised protection against lice is indispensable. To the murmur of protest from the 100 people in the audience, he said: "I consider the announced commitment to be credible."

CSU faction leader heiko bauerlein said the decision was actually an imposition because the road belongs to the free state. But over the years, the special building burden has changed from a "horror project" to a matter that can be resolved. "It would be easier to vote against the building lease now. But that is too short-sighted, we have to do something now."

Party colleague gerlinde martin, on the other hand, voted no: "it is no solution to burden others in order to relieve the burden on one part of the citizens. And we also need the money for other projects."

Ingrid dusold said she was glad that a decision had finally been made. She often has trouble sleeping, the whole thing is very stressful. She considers the circumvention a matter for the free state, volkach has been taken over. There are own contributions of two to four million euros in the air, the city has reached the limit of its resilience, there are renovations of swimming pool and clearing plant – and ultimately it fears a debt problem.

Bitter aftertaste

Dieter sollner (SPD) from krautheim also voted against the proposal. "This is a matter for the state, not for us. We should not accept the sube bonbon that is being held out to us. It may have a bitter aftertaste in the end."

Barbara schmidt, independent, recalled theodor heuss, who described the well-being of the community as the city council’s main task. "I feel committed to this."She strung together a string of facts before concluding, to applause from the audience: "we must seize the opportunity now so that there is also quality of life for our children and grandchildren."

Local speaker holger scheidig from gaibach criticized the poor traffic links to the main loop. "The question is not whether we can afford the special construction load, but whether we can afford to do nothing now."

Herbert rommelt of the free voters does not see the preconditions as given, above all he lacks financial security and planning certainty. Fellow party member robert amling agreed: the municipality must be able to fulfill its obligations at all times. Moreover, the building authority does not have the appropriate equipment.

Peter haupt (G) said he was most concerned about heavy goods traffic, which was rising, partly because another rail monopoly was falling at the turn of the year and east-west traffic was increasing. He considers the conditions offered good. "He who hopes for better things dreams."

Planning is only just beginning

With the majority decision is not decided whether the relief road – as previously planned – bypasses volkach in the east and gaibach in the west or – as once decided in the city council – runs only in the east. The only thing that is clear is that the city is the developer of the project and the free state will bear the lesser part of the costs (around 80 percent). Whether the bypass will actually be built remains to be seen – and above all the calculation of the actual total costs.

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