Club has new youth director

club has new youth director

The chairman of the "steinachtal" guardianship association hassenberg, matthias jakel, took the opportunity to catch up with the honors of erwin reichstatter and matthias engel, who were both honored for 25 years of membership. Both had been prevented from attending the konigsessen last november. After twelve years, simone jakel resigned as youth leader, but she will remain with the association as secretary. The new youth leader of the schutzenverein is 18 year old tobias geiger. "Actually, it was not a serious proposal of mine to become the youth leader of our guardian association. But since no one else has been found for the position, and I can always count on simone's help, I have decided to do it anyway", said tobias geiger. The 18-year-old sees it as a challenge to suddenly become a person of respect for his friends, and he now has to deal with a whole host of new tasks: "I'm responsible for running the youth training on fridays, and I also have to organize the registrations and trips of the youth squad to all the competitions."
The re-elected chairman matthias jakel said: "in the next few years we have to think about whether the schutzenfest can be continued in its current form. We are the only association in hassenberg that still organizes a parade through the village every year. Of course, we always need a lot of helpers to organize such a festival. In the near future we will also have to introduce the youth to our tasks." 

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