Comment: halloween – nonsensical, useless, unfunny

Comment: halloween - nonsensical, useless, unfunny

It was never thought that one day one would meet margot kabmann, that "synthesis of the arts of bluff and spatlutheran woman's uprightness" (E. Henscheid), can, indeed must, agree. But your verdict that the halloween craze, which has been rampant in this country for the last 20 years or so, is "commercial humbug", is a succinct statement that one would not have expected from this eloquent woman. When did the humbug actually start? Remember a horror movie from 1978, halay acceptable for those who like it. Of course with reactionary morals and denunciation of mentally ill people in the subtext. Butcher and zombie movies also date from the seventies; an insult to anyone who enjoys subtle literary horror.

But one was spared from the halloween mischief for a long time. This apparently only became apparent when clever marketing strategists recognized the commercial potential of shabby chinese rubber masks and vulgar costumes, accompanied by ever-willing media zombies who, as if remotely guided, spouted all kinds of nonsense about celtic gods of death and so on. Scatter. All nonsense, as has become clear, apart from the fact that the celts were far less sympathetic than many esotericists imagine them to be.

It is quite simply a capitalist-fueled invasion from the USA, similar to valentine's day and the coca-cola dull creature santa claus, that is eliminating or overforming domestic needs.

The worst, by the way, as observed by myself, in mexico, which has a unique culture of celebrating all souls, the dia de los muertos(e)?). This is not meant to be a plea for provincial folly, but to ask with gerhard polt: is there a need for the? Does it need it? Certainly not. Altar boys who have done something as three conies, who have recited their little saying, are glad to give. Bluntly gawking zombie children, small cultural imperialists, with greedy lurking parents in the neck rather less.


Already the blackmailing slogan "subes or sures" stubs off.

Disgusting is the state of the world, I don't need to watch disgusting movies spraying blood and brain matter. Humanity needed more brains in its head, not outside it. Of course, there are more pressing problems than this popularized grand guignol. But halloween is nonsensical, useless and, worst of all, unfunny. Conservative and curmudgeonly all this? Natural. If it helps to find the truth …



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