Construction areas north of schnaid and trailsdorf in the eye

Construction areas north of schnaid and trailsdorf in the eye

Of the 330 residents of schnaid, only 25 came to the castle meeting. This could be due to a lack of interest or because the players from schnaider are doing well and prefer to stay at home in the rainy weather.

Hallerndorf mayor torsten gunselmann (G) introduced the future head of the office, florian braun, and reported on the hard facts and figures of the past year. For example, while 17 marriages were contracted in hallerndorf in 2017, 22 marriages were divorced at the same time. "We can't keep up with the divorces with the marriages", gunselmann stated.

The current level of debt in hallerndorf amounts to around 1.1 million euros. That's 260 euros per inhabitant, compared with an average of around 644 euros per inhabitant in bavaria. The community's assets amount to 2.75 million euros. The budget included 800.000 euros in trade tax budgeted: "we miscalculated here", gunselmann admitted with a smile and reported that a total of 1.1 million euros had been raised: "that's a real record, hallerndorf has never had that much before."

60 building applications

60 building applications have been submitted so far this year. But free municipal building sites no longer exist, gunselmann said: "all are privately owned." That is why the community is looking for land that can be developed into building areas. A new construction area could be located in trailsdorf in the direction of seubling, another on the northern outskirts of schnaid. The already existing commercial area in the direction of neuses must also be improved and the still fallow flat areas must be used.

Our own well still supplies schnaid and the cross mountain. However, as soon as the work is completed, the changeover will take place. "Will the water pressure change when the new pipeline is connected to the grid??", reinhold ruschig (WG schnaid/stiebarlimbach) wanted to know and suggested informing the people of schnaid about it. "We can't yet determine exactly when the line will be switched over", gunselmann pointed out that all the work must first be completed. The elevated reservoir in schnaid, which will then no longer be used for water supply, will then be used as an extinguishing water reservoir, informed the mayor.

Gunselmann pointed out that with the village renewal in pautzfeld, the kindergarten in trailsdorf and the hallerndorf school, a number of major projects have been completed and still need to be tackled.

Hallerndorf is well prepared for the future, the mayor is sure. However, the medical practice in hallerndorf will no longer exist in the new year, gunselmann regretted.

After the mayor's presentation, some schnaider took the opportunity to ask questions. Hans gunselmann pointed out that in the winter time the clearing and gritting vehicles were hindered by the vehicles parked at the side of the road. There was nothing wrong with that, said the mayor, who took a positive view: "it helps to calm traffic." Hermann seebauer, chief civil servant in hallerndorf, informed that the winter road clearance service in the municipal area is only used on slopes anyway. Neither the settlements nor the flat roads are cleared or gritted.

Christina schmitt wanted to know whether there would also be a district heating network in schnaid at some point in the future. At the information event of the "naturstrom" company only five interested people had registered, recalled reinhold ruschig. If there is more interest, this possibility could be taken up again. Heiko hippacher explained that in the case of a schnaider district heating network, forest owners would be happy to deliver and burn their own wood.

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