Culture attracts many visitors to the city

Culture attracts many visitors to the city

Everything was perfect for the third cultural saturday in herzogenaurach – the weather as well as the activities of the eight participating institutions. Families and groups were out and about in the city throughout the evening to listen in or take part in the activities. Especially the children had a lot of fun. In the city museum, they listened to the readings while sitting on soft cushions. Readers entertained the young and older visitors with stories and bilingual picture book cinema.

The VHS band "you can rock" was heard far and wide, which made its first public appearance in the garden of the folk high school. The audience was enthusiastic about the two performances of the group. Anyone who wants to join in is welcome to do so. This was pointed out by VHS director oliver kundler, who himself took part in the play. Between the performances of the band, scientist gerhard philipp gave a lecture on "higgs particles" and discussed the question: "what is dark energy??"

In the art room, the chairman of the art and culture association, manfred braun, had a moment of happiness right at the beginning of the evening. Four oversized sneakers, which had once adorned the city as works of art, were sold at an auction. The proceeds will be used to rebuild the lighting in the art room. "Art also needs light to be properly presented", braun explained to the visitors. The association also offered a hands-on activity, pictures could be designed by means of glass marbles, each one unique, and prints could also be made.

Particularly beautiful, but also valuable sculptures by the carver dieter frank were presented by the friends of the nativity scene in the crypt of the city parish church st. Magdalena. They put the nativity scenes in perspective and love to play matching melodies.

Not far away the city museum had opened and offered special insights into an unknown world. There were activities for children who did not miss the offer, but also an exciting program for the coarse. An uncouth and bad-tempered janitor, who called himself krause, led the visitors through the rooms. Krause, portrayed by the actress maria saris from herzogenaurach, rumbled right from the start. Only little by little did the children understand that this was actually part of it, because krause was taking himself for a ride. Krause of course had no idea about the exhibits on display, even the children knew better, and above all ratz-fatz, the clever museum mouse, who always helped krause out of a jam.

The local history society had a contemplative atmosphere. In the cosy room it was about french stories and expressions, what else?. The chairman of the local history society, klaus-peter gabelein, took the visitors into the past of the french language. Well, the locals knew what to do with many of the printouts, but a young visitor from shanghai had a harder time of it.

A cultural treat was offered in the lady chapel: "st. Cacilie or the power of music" by heinrich von kleist. The actress patricia litten presented this wondrous novel, which takes place at the time of the iconoclasm, in three different stages, each from a different perspective. At the same time the musician anna trantow loves to trace the power of music. It is the story of four brothers who are prevented from razing the monastery of st. Cacilie to the ground. How their blind fanaticism is stopped is told by heinrich von kleist in his incomparable language.

In the evangelical church in von-seckendorff-strabe, music was also the focus of the cultural evening. The evening began with "martin luther and music. In alternating half-hour intervals, there was organ music from the life and songs of paul gerhard or gerhard tersteegen, the flotenkreis had a performance, and the evening closed with gerald fink and open singing.

Helmut biehler from the city’s cultural office, who constantly shuttled between the stations, drew a positive conclusion by the middle of the evening. "Today there is a lot more going on in the stadtla and the visitors accept the offer", biehler was pleased with the good response.

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