Discussions about photovoltaic system

Discussions about photovoltaic system

"You get to know people on the market." According to this motto, the joy of the people in and around marktzeuln could be great. Because: according to mayor gregor friedlein-zech (ubmz), it is planned to hold the monthly market again starting in july. Of course, only if the corona pandemic does not worsen. The theater performance of "A midsummer night’s dream" has been postponed until spring 2021 as well as the celebration of the 950th anniversary of the historical village of "marktzeuln leuchtet". This became known at the meeting of the market town council on monday evening in the TSV gymnasium.

In addition, municipal councillor jutta stark (ubmz) addressed the planned lighting in bayernstrabe. According to the head of the community, the contract has been awarded, and it will be necessary to ask when the work is to begin. In the context of a discussion with the wastewater association marktzeuln-michelau, it should be clarified whether the pipes for the wastewater should also be pumped over when the water pipes are renewed. Erwin grunbeck (CSU) asked why it takes so long for the town council’s meeting minutes to be available to citizens on the internet. Burgermeister friedlein-zech spoke of the fact that at the moment a digital renewal is being considered. In addition, the access of citizens to the municipal website has been limited.

Luthard suggests mahen

With another request stefan luthard (CSU) approached the municipal council: "from the road schone-aussicht to the kulbitzfelsen it would be already, if again times gemaht were and hineinhangende aste be gekurzt." In addition, the council again discussed in detail the preparation of the development plan for the special area "regenerative energies II". Christine bardin from the office of konig und kuhnel in weitramsdorf presented the comments submitted by the public interest groups and the draft resolution to the market town council. Suggestions had been received from the kronach water management office, the lichtenfels district office and the lichtenfels working group of the bavarian nature conservation association. The driven piles, which were driven into the ground up to 1.90 meters, did not increase the amount of seepage water. According to bardin, no compensation was required under nature conservation law, as the site was a brownfield and contaminated site. Nevertheless, a compensation area of 2800 square meters is to be created in order to do justice to environmental protection and nature conservation. So a free growing hedge and in the north a field wood are planned. The lichtenfels district group of the bavarian nature conservation association said: "we prefer photovoltaic systems on the roof." However, they were also aware that such plants were important pillars of the energy supply.

But since the site was a recultivated landfill site for rubble, which was currently lying fallow, the group came to an understanding. She only clarifies: "just don’t take any arable land." It has been established that no foundations that cause the sealing of the ground have been used. In addition, a construction must be built, which would allow for a residue-free dismantling. The soil should be sufficiently aerated, and extensive cultivation without pesticides should be practiced. An environmentally friendly grazing with animals (especially sheep) was recommended.

Village store construction runs smoothly

Architect andreas klerner commented on the progress of construction work on the village store in marktzeuln. At the moment everything is running smoothly. Also no cost overrun was to be recognized. Accordingly, quotations were obtained, which concerned the store furnishings. He made proposals to the council concerning windows, bricks, lighting, flooring, and the parapet. The optics of the roof would remain towards auben. Mayor friedlein-zech explained that these are only suggestions. A decision on this would be made in due course. It is also hoped that the building will be winterized by the end of the year. Completion is scheduled for 2021, they said. Erwin grunbeck (CSU) wanted to know if there were plans for the gewolbekeller as well. Klerner said that there was no provision for this from a structural point of view. The cellar should only serve as a storage place.

Stfiftungsrat members named

Until 2026, gregor friedlein-zech, elisabeth zipfel, retired pastor wolfgang scherbel, josef stark and hans-georg rebhan were elected as members of the foundation board of the "stiftung unser marktzeuln" named.

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