Euerdorf mayor to be full-time in the future

It would cost between 90,000 and 120,000 euros a year, according to council member elmar hofmann's calculations. From two euros per capita, the cost of the mayor's office has increased to around five euros per capita. "We do not have the citizens' money to spend on personnel costs."
Mayor reinhard hallhuber pleaded for the installation of a full-time mayor. The work schedule is often incompatible with the job of an honorary mayor, and many companies are no longer willing to give their employees time off. He also said that a full-time mayor makes sense with regard to further mergers of municipalities. Then euerdorf would be the smallest community with a full-time mayor, says hofmann. The demographic development does not speak in favor of it.
Jochen huppmann also argued against it. "That was a luxury we should not spend. The work could also be done on a voluntary basis." He referred to the numerous offices of his father, old burgermeister herbert huppmann. It is also important to keep in mind that an honorary mayor can be freer in the way he or she conducts his or her duties.
Dietmar buchner pointed to the example of fuchsstadt, which has developed well with a full-time mayor. "The 50 000 euro will be amortized quickly by a good mayor." The latter could care more intensively and work for growths.

Time management pays
Ludwig buttner argued that a full-time mayor could revitalize the administration. "We are not taken seriously by the administration!" Hofmann, on the other hand, objected to this. This argument is a slap in the face for the administration, which works equally well either way. It would be possible to distribute future tasks among the deputy mayors. "You don't have to be present at every kokolores event." It is the personal time management of the individual that is decisive for the workload. In addition, there is an additional person in the administration who is responsible for construction site matters.
"The head is always the first point of contact", according to buchner. Delegation is possible, but the mayor is the focus in all matters. In response to a question from bernhard herterich, it became clear that such a decision could be reversed in six years.

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