Experimental kit for schools handed over

Experimental kit for schools handed over

Last thursday, the parents’ council of the johannes-petri-school langendorf-elfershausen, represented by sascha fuller and stefanie schneider, presented the principal brigitte dehe with two sets of experiments on the subject of "swimming and sinking" for the school houses in fuchsstadt and langendorf.

These class boxes for all grades were made from the "healthy lunch" lottery proceeds as well as financed by various income from hospitality provided by the parents’ council at school events.

In addition to four boxes for storage, the sets consist of eight coarse, transparent water basins in which the experiments are carried out at eight learning stations. Up to 32 children can experiment at the same time. The experiments included deal with questions such as "what floats, what sinks??", "what happens to the water in the glass when i dip something into it?", "how come a ship does not sink?" Or "why does a piece of iron sink, but not a piece of wax??"

The children can playfully explore complex physical facts such as buoyancy, density and displacement with the materials and experimental setups in the class kits and arrive at an understanding of physical phenomena by conducting their own experiments.

For practical experiments

The class boxes contain objects made of different materials to try out, wax blocks for kneading ships, a ship made of metal, equal-sized cubes made of different materials, a scale, materials for tracing buoyancy and many other materials for carrying out practical experiments in the classroom. All materials are selected in such a way that they optimally support the children in their understanding of the phenomena and give them the opportunity to test their own ideas.

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