Finally spring in bavaria

Finally spring in bavaria

Punctual to the start of the meteorological spring this thursday (1. March) the sun will also shine more strongly, predicted the german weather service in munich. As early as monday, brave people ventured out onto the coffee terraces in the fubganger zones of the bavarian cities, most of them still wrapped in warm blankets. Many people are drawn to parks and green spaces.

However, the meteorologist from the volker wunsche service recommends a trip to the alpine foothills for those who are particularly hungry for sunshine. The sun is most likely to shine there in the next few days. Temperatures in some parts of bavaria already climbed to ten degrees on tuesday. The mild and sunny spring weather is expected to continue to entice people to go out into nature on saturday as well. "On sunday it will be slightly unstable again and a little cooler", said the weather expert.

"End of the "ice age on monday it also hit the main-danube channel. After icebreakers and the onset of thawing weather caused the thick ice sheets to crack, smaller cargo ships were already able to pass the important east-west waterway for the entire length of the river again at the beginning of the week; the last restrictions are expected to fall in the next few days. The shipping route between the north sea and the black sea, which has been blocked since the beginning of february, would thus be free again. It will take at least two more weeks until the main-danube canal is completely free of ice again, according to the nurnberg waterways and shipping office.

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