Frankish sausage helps with berlin frustration

Frankish sausage helps with berlin frustration

"As much as I lied today, I can't confess all at once." And hermine, the resolute housekeeper in the parsonage in trieb, may even be right about that. In the otherwise quiet parsonage things are going haywire. Worse still, the pastor is threatened with a transfer to schney or even to neighboring coburg.
This year, the theater group trieb presents the three-act play "thank heaven" by bernd gombold a comedy of confusion on stage. With down-to-earth wit, pithy humor and a good portion of local color, the actors once again succeed in entertaining their audience in the best possible way.

Scandalous events
The story revolves around the scandalous events in the parsonage. Trieb has a still rather young pastor in the person of alfons (philipp gernlein). A pastor who urgently needs money for the renovation of the church. Alfons tries to raise the urgently needed funds with questionable methods such as playing cards at night or selling bootleg liquor. Nevertheless it is not enough at the back and in front. As a further source of money, pastor alfons wants to rent out some rooms of the parsonage to interested parties.
The unacceptable events in trieb have reached as far as bamberg. Since this displeases the church leadership, the archdiocese sends the strict domkapitular jungling (thorsten sittig) to the site to see what is right. Sacristan johannes holl (jens muller) prefers to play cards with priest alfons rather than help his resolute wife emma (carmen reub) in her work. And then there's parish council chairwoman elfriede engel (gitti templin), who is breathing down pastor alfons's neck with her exaggerated demands. For her own benefit, she wanted to place her niece uschi, – pardon – ursula engel, as a nun in a convent in bamberg. When the cathedral's captain actually shows up at the parsonage, the attractive lodger heidi blum (claudia schramm) is unceremoniously appointed as the parish secretary. Uschi's friend siggi bischoff (marius herold), who is also a tenant, advances to pastoral counselor and uschi himself suddenly finds himself in wedding preparations again. As if the chaos wasn't rough enough, two more subtenants show up, hans messmer (andreas sittig) and heidemarie rosenfeld (adelgunde krappmann). In the "seclusion of the parsonage both want to come closer. When it comes to confusion between family names and professional titles, the chaos is perfect. Only parish house keeper hermine (martina lutter) keeps track of things.

Pork liver as a lure
And as the saying goes: you catch mice with bacon. With hermine it is rather pork liver, which she serves to the domkapitular on a friday of all days together with high-proof juice disguised as berry juice. In the end, pastor alfons naturally remains with the drifters. But until then, the laughing muscles will be strained a lot. This much is nevertheless revealed: before his departure, domkapitular dr promised. Jungling swears: "you'll never see me in trieb again".
The running gag of the performance on saturday evening was the heartwarming appearance of emmi zeulner, who herself was once a member of the theater group and stood on the stage years ago. "In berlin it's so bad, there's only curry sausage and beer from 0.2-liter glasses", she complains breathlessly. That's why she also got a good coarse piece of sausage from a local butcher. Besides, in the capital they think that trieb and degendorf are in the czech republic. In order to protect francophone interests, they absolutely need support from their home country. It's good that elfriede engel feels called to do more than just chair the parish council. As actor thorsten sittig said at the beginning: "the chance of getting into the bundestag is one in 25 for the theater group trieb. So sign up in the right associations."
Also seen in a guest role: jorg handke. As emmi zeulner's driver, he urges people to leave, because they don't have time to spend in the middle of nowhere.

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