Fubball betting scandal of huge dimensions

Fubball betting scandal of huge dimensions

The investigation under the code name "veto" reveal the grossest betting scandal in sports history and plunge the fubball world into another deep crisis of credibility. Europol, the european police authority, says it has registered around 700 suspected gambles from 2008 to 2011. Among them are 300 completely new cases worldwide, as well as more than 380 parts in europe alone, most of which were already known in the countries. The betting scandal affects matches in the world cup and european championship qualifiers as well as two champions league matches, including one in england. "If the number was real, it would be alarming", said national team manager oliver bierhoff about the expenses.

"We have uncovered a dense criminal network", europol chief rob wainwright said at a press conference in the hague on monday. He spoke of "unprecedented levels of manipulation" and stressed: "this is a sad day for football and further evidence of corruption by organized crime in society."

In germany alone, 70 parties are under suspicion, according to bochum's chief commissioner friedhelm althans – that was significantly more than had been tried so far in trials at the bochum regional court. A total of 425 club officials, former or current players and referees in 15 countries are alleged to have been involved in the manipulation and betting fraud. 151 of them reside in germany, where 14 people have so far been sentenced to terms totaling 39 years in the betting scandal.

Investigations also worldwide
In addition to the mostly already known games in europe, now additionally because of about 300 new suspicious encounters, mostly in asia, central and south america and africa, under investigation. But spain, the uk and the netherlands are also affected, investigators said in response to a question. "There are even two world cup qualifiers in africa and a match in central america under suspicion", said althans. "Working with police to help fight match fixing. I repeat, this is a big issue for football and governments to solve", tweeted world federation head joseph blatter.

Since 2011, fifa has been cooperating with the international police organization interpol. "Match fixing is a global problem that requires strong partnerships at regional, national and international levels", gianni baldi, head of interpol's drugs and organized crime unit, clarified.

According to europol, an asian crime syndicate is behind the betting scandal which is also active in europe. Russian-speaking gangs are also said to be involved. "We have evidence for 150 of these cases. The activities involving bribes of up to 100.000 euros per game emanated from singapore", althans, spokesman for the team of investigators from 13 european countries, said of the new findings. The problem is very crude, wainwright emphasized. "This is just the tip of the iceberg."

In total, more than two million euros in bribes were paid to players and officials, and the manipulators raked in eight million euros in betting profits across europe. "This is the first time that we have substantial evidence that organized crime is now operating in the world of football", said wainwright. The authorities in their investigations 13.000 e-mails from. The international soccer community must "coordinate its efforts" show to get a grip on corruption, wainwright urged. He now wants to send the results of the investigation to UEFA president michel platini. To the ausmab of the manipulations the european fubball-union didn't want to make a statement. "When the details of the UEFA investigation are available, they will be reviewed by the appropriate disciplinary bodies to take the necessary measures", the only blow came from nyon.

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