Full closure of the sander strabe takes effect from monday

Construction work on the rehabilitation of sander strabe with the renewal of sewer lines and the water pipeline is about to begin. Expected from monday, 17. February, the full closure will be set up, the construction administration of the city of zeil announced.

First, the area between the entrances to the "allmilmo" companies and "erbelle" closed to traffic. Depending on the progress of construction, access to these facilities will only be possible from one side later (around may/june).

The mouth areas to the road "in der au" and on to the "lidl" in the direction of sand-supermarket will only be affected by a closure for a short time in the fall.

The gravel path parallel to the altach will remain passable for pedestrians and cyclists at all times, the city assures.

From the direction of sand, zeil can be reached via the bypass and further via ziegelanger during the construction work. The field path (only free for agricultural traffic) from the bypass over the railroad bridge directly to ziegelanger, which could be used illegally as a shortcut, is closed to all traffic to prevent an increased risk of accidents caused by turning traffic.

Construction work is expected to be completed by the end of november/beginning of december, before the second phase of construction work on sander strabe between bahnubergang and sparkasse is tackled in early 2021

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