“Gangnam style” grosses $8 million on youtube

"Gangnam style" is the first youtube video that has been viewed more than one billion times. Currently, the payer stands at a good 1.2 billion calls. Google earns from the ads on its video portal and passes on part of the revenue to the interpreter.

By naming the sum, google gained a rare insight into the details of its business. All in all, the internet group was able to rake in a profit of 10.7 billion dollars last year. Most of the money comes from paid text ads on the internet search engine.

Youtube had reported in december that the "gangnam style" video was being viewed seven to ten million times a day. The most viewed youtube video so far – "baby" by justin bieber – had already overtaken "gangnam style" in november with about 800 million clicks.

The clip could probably have reached the billion mark earlier, if it had been available in germany. The official video is blocked in this country because of a fee dispute between youtube and the exploitation company gema. Psy meanwhile working on a new single.

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