Groko poker: michelbach is on board

Groko poker: michelbach is on board

Coburg-kronach CSU member of the bundestag and deputy chairman of the CSU parliamentary group in the german bundestag, hans michelbach, will once again sit at the negotiating table in the new attempt to form a governing coalition in berlin.

Together with bavarian finance and home affairs minister markus soder, michelbach will represent the CSU’s positions on taxes and finance in the exploratory talks starting on sunday.

Michelbach said: "after the uncertainty of the past few weeks, the task now is to regain the trust of the people of hamburg. We must do everything we can to stabilize the current high level of growth in our economy with a two before the decimal point in order to put even more people to work.

For me, tax relief, especially for lower and middle incomes, is at the top of the list of necessary measures. In addition, there are such important issues as adequate finances for municipalities, dynamic development of the countryside and a further increase in investment in our infrastructure. Tax increases are out of the question in view of high tax revenues for the treasury.

We need a federal government capable of action on the basis of a coalition with a viable parliamentary majority. A minority government is no solution for shaping our country. It also fails to live up to germany’s role as the strongest country in the eu. I expect that the SPD will not be closed to this attitude."

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