Hundreds at the new georgenritt

Hundreds at the new georgenritt

"We will definitely come back next year!" Christine leicht from bischberg really gets into the black. For this first st. Georgenritt in baunach came almost with the whole family: children, dogs, horses, what had room in car and horse trailer. From the french day they had learned of the event and promptly registered and on sunday when looking for parking first a bit lost. No problem "everyone was totally helpful and friendly". The bischberger is full of praise for the premiere event of the pferdefreunde franken association. "This is one of the most beautiful georgenritt far and wide."
Of a good 25 riders who had come with their steeds from all over the region to the northern district, association chairwoman michaela hohlstein reports happily. The association sees this as a confirmation and for the first ride as a pleasing number of participants. Just as many pet owners took part with their dogs and also the population from baunach and the surrounding area did not want to miss the opportunity to come up to the "love cross" to pull.
A total of several hundred people joined the long procession, estimates the association’s chairwoman.

As planned, many riders of different styles – western, english – turned up and got talking to each other on the ride to the cross. "A western rider from schlusselfeld even wanted to let me on his horse", christine remarks, slightly impressed. She was impressed by the beautiful devotion of pastoral advisor birgit soffler, who explained the ecclesiastical background of the ride in a child-friendly way – a reverence to the patron saint of horsemen and horses, st. George. The songs – played by the baunach town band – were deliberately chosen to be joyful, michaela hohlstein makes it clear.

She has already been asked whether this was really a catholic devotion. Was she, she could always assure the questioners. After the prayer service, the worshippers received the church’s blessing, as did the four-legged friends – dogs and horses.
Due to the good response, the organizers have decided to hold the event again next year, presumably on the 28th. April (the sunday after the name day of the patron saint) in baunach the second st. Georgenritt will give.

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