In the kindergarten, everything revolved around fine-tuning

The concept of subtlety has its origins in attachment theory, which was formulated by john bowlby, an english psychoanalyst. The team at the "haus fur kinder" soon realized that it had to find a solution, euerdorf, again draws attention to this concept.

The team spent a whole day working intensively on the meaning and implementation of this concept; "what does subtlety mean for me and my work with the children? ?" "Or what do i need to be fine with each other?" Or "how can a constantly sensitive interaction behavior be put into practice by the educators in the sometimes hectic and strenuous day-to-day life of a daycare center??"

Under no circumstances should it be a matter of "working off" the fineness criteria and to tick off each individual component, it means much more the ongoing "coming to terms with one’s own attitude", according to kindergarten director renate krockel. In the course of time, this time will become more and more participative and valuable.

But subtlety is also just as important in teamwork and the educational partnership with the parents. That’s why we also wanted to get the parents on board with this topic. In the parents’ workshop – market of opportunities "feinfuhligkeit terms for this word were found and explanatory, practical hands-on activities were offered.

Experiences, feelings and thoughts were exchanged in a pleasant plenary session. In a lively exchange with mothers, fathers and grandmothers, the educators found out whether their children felt comfortable and integrated in the facility, so that they could build on these insights together and thus stimulate the children’s learning processes.

It was clear to all at the end – for a benevolent, sensitive cooperation it needs time. As a symbol of goodwill, the parents and educators packed a "life backpack" for each child, filled with positive companions like trust, feeling, time, atmosphere, mindfulness and appreciation.

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