Labor market continues to boom

Labor market continues to boom

Unemployment in the habberge district decreased by 42 people from may to june to 1267 unemployed people. Thus the trend of the past months continues. According to the current figures of the agency for work, the currently 1267 unemployed, according to another comparison, are even 230 unemployed less than a year ago.

The unemployment rate is now 2.6 percent in june. A year ago, it amounted to 3.0 percent.
The number of available jobs rose by 84 to 830 in june 2017. Compared to june 2016, there are currently 281 more jobs.

The labor market in the main-rhon region and thus also in the habberge district "continued to develop positively" in june as well, the employment agency reported yesterday. "Fortunately, more people were able to find work in june than had to register as unemployed", states thomas stelzer, the chairman of the management of the agency for work schweinfurt.
The agency in schweinfurt is responsible for the entire main-rhon region. These are the four counties of bad kissingen, schweinfurt, habberge and rhon-grabfeld as well as the city of schweinfurt. For the district of habberge, the agency maintains a branch office in habfurt.


The percentage of unemployed people with a refugee background increased slightly. In june, 623 unemployed people with a refugee background were paid in the entire main-rhon region. This was 8.4 percent of all registered unemployed people. In may, there were 595 unemployed people with a refugee background, which was 28 people or 0.4 percent fewer. By far the largest proportion was made up of people from syria (388 people), followed by iraqi citizens (22) and people from somalia (twelve). 64 percent are male and just under half (45 percent) are under 35 years old.

"Refugee integration slowly arrives on the job market. Most of the cursed are still being prepared for the training and job market in a variety of mabs. However, it is becoming more and more common to integrate these people into the labor market", Stelzer adds.

Short-time work

The number of companies that had registered short-time work for their employees fell again in the main-rhon region, by two to 18 companies with a total of 130 employees. Compared to may, 24 fewer people were affected. A year ago the numbers were much higher. In june 2016, there were still 38 establishments with 1098 employees. 

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