Mainstockheimer feel burdened

In a letter to the district administration, mainstockheim mayor karl-dieter fuchs (FBB) read out at the town council meeting on thursday that training for a larger number of riders should be made possible through longer training times. "We were already dissatisfied in the past", fuchs complained that the conditions imposed in 1987 and 2000 were rarely complied with. To his knowledge, the training was being conducted on runway numbers on which, according to records, there was no permit. It also says quiet on sundays and public holidays and only allows vehicles with a road permit. Instead of the permitted five, up to twelve vehicles are on the road at the same time, without a street permit.
Fuchs continued to raise considerable doubts about the alarm report, because significantly lowered alarm levels had to apply to the ebracher hof – where there is a home for senior citizens.

Heavy reproaches against the landratsamt came from ingolf klein (CSU). He criticized the fact that the authority does not monitor the issued permit at all and thus does not show any duty of care towards the citizen.

Burger sees in the plant a black building, since the given values and times are not kept, so had been trained on easter monday obviously. The burgers reserve the right to call the police in the event of further incidents. Fuchs now wants to work with the administration on a formulation to reject an expansion in principle and to demand compliance with the existing requirements.

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