Maria furtwangler: “we’re all sexist”

Maria furtwangler:

Actress maria furtwangler wants women in their mid-30s to stay on tv. "This is a form of discrimination," said furtwangler (52, "tatort") on wednesday in berlin.

She also finds it unacceptable that "we are still being told what to do". Women, on the other hand, came along when someone needed quick information – for example, navigation systems and voice assistants with female names like siri or alexa.

Furtwangler was a guest at the presentation of the book "ausgeblendet – halt das fernsehen die fortschritte in bezug auf glechtergerechtigkeit?". She underscored how widespread prejudice is: "we are all sexist, we are all homophobic, and we are all racist." she herself is not free of sexism either. For example, she once heard the female voice of the pilot in the airplane and thought: "disc, how do i get out of here??"Their conclusion: "we all have to check ourselves all the time."

The book accompanying a study by the university of rostock draws attention to discrimination against women in film and television – for example, the low visibility of older women and the lack of female experts on television.

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