Matthias goerne: culture faces bankruptcy

Matthias goerne: culture faces bankruptcy

Star baritone matthias goerne sees the existence of the german cultural landscape threatened by the current corona restrictions. "Culture is on the brink of bankruptcy. And for no reason at all," the 53-year-old told "welt am sonntag".

He criticized what he saw as overly strict requirements for concerts and other cultural events. Nowhere on public transport, trains or planes were minimum distances observed. "Everything there is 100 percent full, often even more so. In the cultural institutions, on the other hand, where only a laughably small proportion of the audience is allowed to visit, i feel like i’m in an intensive care unit."

Politicians ignore the concepts of the organizers as well as positive experiences abroad, for example at the salzburg festival. "There, because all ticket holders were checked, 50 percent of the capacities were allowed to be filled according to the chessboard principle with a one-meter gap. Why is this not taken note of in germany?If the car industry was treated the same way as culture, there wouldn’t have been a single car coming off the assembly line for a long time," he said.

Goerne fears a "second wave" of stage death after the wounds of reunification: "i’m curious to see what will be left of the wonderful german orchestra and theater landscape in five to ten years from now."

Goerne is world-famous as a lieder singer, but also regularly participates in opera performances.

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