Nature and a thick orange were the focus of the service

Nature and a thick orange were the focus of the service

A full "house was the parish church st. Johannes and st. Ottilie in kersbach. With pastor martin emge and deacon christian wohlfahrt, children, young people and many members of the congregation celebrated harvest thanksgiving. The band "in the middle from hausen framed the service with new spiritual songs. Not only the harvest was in the center of attention, but also the handling of nature and the earth.

The thick orange was the subject of the sermon. The story of the fat orange went like this: a child asked his mother why we were celebrating thanksgiving. "We’re going to the supermarket anyway", so the child. The mother explained to the child that the orange is very small and yellow in a plantation far away from germany. It grows slowly to an orange and is harvested into a box. From there it goes on a truck, then on a ship and again on a truck to the supermarket. There the orange ends up on the shelf and at the checkout finally after paying the family.

Regional fruit for short distances

Martin emge went through this path again with the children and made it clear that god has given us the earth and thus also the fields and gardens with their fruits. Emge also made it clear that there are people involved here who make all this possible in the first place. Fruits are a precious gift. That’s why people should make sure to buy regional and seasonal fruit and vegetables from the surrounding area. In this way, unnecessary long transports could be avoided. Our earth should remain with all its beauty for a long time to come, says emge.

Deacon wohlfahrt blessed the harvest altar richly decorated with bread, vegetables, flowers, fruits and grain. At the end of the joyful service, all visitors were once again asked to reflect and perhaps to give "thanks" more often to say.

The children received a nice, juicy orange and the accompanying story of the fat orange.

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