New old discussion about the congress center

New old discussion about the congress center

Igentlich should the triple sports hall at the anger a second (short) life as an interim play statute receive. But now the globe at the guterbahnhof is a done deal – and the question is what is to happen at the anger. There, next to the sports hall that is no longer in use, is the rosengarten congress center, which is undoubtedly in need of renovation.
Mayor norbert tessmer (SPD) had suggested to the city council's parliamentary groups that they set up a working group on the subject of congresses and events. This working group already existed, says petra schneider, chairwoman of the SPD city council faction. "The lord mayor only has to convene them." The working group was founded after a rough alliance consisting of the SPD, CSB, bundnis 90/grune and WPC factions as well as FDP city councilor hans-heinrich eidt submitted a motion in december 2015 to examine the feasibility and financial viability of a city hall. This city hall is to be used as a "multi-use concert and congress or event hall" serve, it said in the motion.

New location guterbahnhof?

Due to the discussion about an interim venue, the topic was put on hold, says petra schneider. What the motion does not say, but what was made very clear at the time, is that the applicants do not see a future for the congress center in its current form.
For petra schneider and gerhard amend (CSB), the future of the event business lies at the guterbahnhof. The globe will be built there (a circular building that is expected to serve as an interim venue for the landestheater for a few years starting in 2020), and there is already an event venue there in the form of the old pakethalle. The "creapolis" is being developed in the abattoir to the north of the congress center the university and the "future" basic center, which will also be located there in the near future.Coburg.Digital" another place that offers seminar and meeting rooms, says amend. "What is the need for the conference rooms in the congress center??" Actually, according to amend, the only thing missing at the guterbahnhof would be a contemporary hall for large events. And such a city hall could also be built there.
Jurgen heeb (WPC), however, sees such discussions as anticipating the solution "before we have identified the problem". Ten years ago, anger was still considered the ideal location for a city hall because of its proximity to the city center, heeb recalls. However, the decision to build the globe at guterbahnhof has changed the initial situation.
This is also the opinion of kurt knoch, who spoke on behalf of the CSU and young coburgers' faction – in agreement with faction chairman jurgen oehm. It is now a matter of an overall concept for which the CSU/JC faction wants to submit proposals. However, demolishing the congress center would be wrong, if only for reasons of sustainability, emphasizes knoch. "This would be an unbelievable destruction of assets and a mockery of all taxpayers!"
Jurgen heeb points out that "five to six years" are now needed the members of the parliamentary group have the necessary time to develop the required overall concept. For the first few years, the globe will serve as a theater anyway. This time must be used to decide on the future of the congress house and the possible construction of a city hall.

Operational, not marketable

That something has to happen at the congress center, its director karin schlecht had explained in the city council in april 2017. She wrote at the time that renovating the building would keep it operational, but not marketable. Among other things, the house is not handicapped accessible, the foyer is too small for a contemporary catering, the technology is outdated. Meanwhile, not even the restaurant rosengarten is available, also because the kitchen had to be rebuilt.

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