Parkour facility for herzogenaurach

parkour facility for herzogenaurach

There are people who spend their free time sprinting unsecured across rooftops, pulling themselves up on walls, balancing over railings and jumping from building to building: they are devotees of the sport of parkour. The aim of this sport is to get from A to B using only one’s own physical abilities and to overcome obstacles as creatively and effectively as possible.

900 square meters of flat land

Also herzogenaurach is concerned with this sport and has considered the implementation of a parkour facility. It is to be built on the site of the old dirt track, which is currently being renewed, rebuilt and extended (we reported). At the press conference on the site, silke stadter, head of the building department, presented a preliminary design for the expansion area, which was created in collaboration with the herzogenaurach community. As stadter explained, the flat of 900 square meters will be divided into zones of 50 square meters each and can be planned and built in several sections. The first draft covers the first two zones.

In the end, the complete parkour facility should form an oval, the flat surface of which will offer holistic movement possibilities. The park should encourage people to move and invite them to meet each other. In addition to demanding movements, the focus is primarily on low-threshold offers for a gentle introduction to movement.

The trendy sport is used for fast movement without aids. Children, teenagers and adults can learn and practice parkour on the land on the use in the future. Architectural and spatial elements, such as walls, walkways, walls, steps, underpasses, poles and curbs, are given a completely new meaning.

Parkour was originally developed as a training of effective escape methods. Overcoming all obstacles, the goal is to find the most direct, fastest or safest way to reach the destination. Today, parkour has quickly evolved from a pure form of training to a sophisticated art form. As efficiently as possible, only with the abilities of one’s own body by means of jumps, landing techniques, turns and rolling techniques, obstacles are overcome in love, like a choreography.

Knowing the limits of the body

The focus is not so much on competition, but rather on knowing the limits of one’s own body and the environment and reaching the goal in the most skilful way, using one’s ambition and creativity. That’s why parkour is also known as the "art of efficient locomotion" is the name of the event.


Parkour originated in the 80s in french suburbs, where traceurs (parkour-athletes/freerunners) overcame walls, jumped over rough distances, climbed walls and landed unharmed from a rough height. The only thing needed for this sport is a pair of sneakers and a little courage.

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