Passing asteroid could be very valuable

If only ten percent of its mass consisted of valuable raw materials such as iron and nickel, these would already be worth 130 billion dollars at current market prices, the company deep space industries reported.

Treasure five percent of the asteroid could be degradable water. This could be broken down into hydrogen and oxygen to produce rocket fuel, according to the company. The hydrogen could also be combined with carbon that may be present on the asteroid to produce methane, which could also be used for fuel. In total, the estimated value of the degradable water in the all is around 65 billion dollars.

Because the asteroid schrag will fly past the earth, however, it will cost too much energy to get to the raw materials and water, according to experts. But things could be different for other asteroids in the future. Deep space industries, a private company based in the u.S. State of virginia, plans to mine valuable raw materials on asteroids in the future – but according to its own statements, not before 2020.

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