Perfect bayerncup

Perfect bayerncup

Those who wondered on sunday morning why runners were running through the forest on and off the trails in callenberg forest despite the sambafestival: the orienteering runners were guests. TV coburg-neuses organized the fifth competition for the bavarian ranking, the bayern-cup – a complete success.
Overall leader thomas scheler was relieved and satisfied that everything went smoothly. The running terrain in the callenberg forest, which was acquired from the "herzoglich sachsen-coburg und gotha'schen revierverwaltung callenberg" thanks to good cooperation, the course could be used, had been remapped only last year. Because the vegetation is constantly changing and there is a lot of work going on in the forest, scheler constantly updated the map.
This is the only way for the competitors to make the optimal choice of route. Because it was a middle-distance race, the distances ranged from two to five kilometers as the crow flies, depending on the category, and there were also 30 to 200 meters of elevation. Depending on their age, the youngest was ten years old, the oldest 83 years old, the participants needed between 15 and 40 minutes on sunday.
Before the run, the runners only know the course data and a description of the running area. Only at the moment of the start, each participant receives his running map with the route, and from this moment, the orientation points must be run to in order. How, that is up to him. But it is best to read the map while running in order to lose little time.
At 10 a.M. Sharp, the 150 participants were sent from the start at the trimm dich path into the running terrain at a starting interval of two minutes. The finish was at the goldbergsee, central competition place was the clubhouse of the TV coburg-neuses.
Course setter jan schmidt received a lot of praise for the interestingly laid out courses. He implemented the specifications for a middle distance perfectly: short and long route choices alternated, requiring more concentration than route sections of equal length. The track "turned the course was also a lot, so you had to constantly orientate yourself in a new direction of the sky.
The supposed home advantage, which is offered to the participating runners of the organizer or those from the region, did not really come into play. On the one hand, because of course many runners of the TV coburg-neuses were in action as helpers. On the other hand, the runners from neuses have for a long time refrained from training in the running area for reasons of fairness.
The men's main class was one of the closest: only four seconds separated 1st and 2nd place in the end. Winner theodor yordanov from OC munich was able to catch ricardo casanova from OLG regensburg, who is currently in top form, only shortly before the end and win the race for himself.
In this class, sebastian vetter (6th place), uwe weid (8th place) and alexander tippelt from TV coburg-ketschendorf (11th place) started for TV coburg-neuses.

Strong young runners

Among the young runners of the TV coburg-neuses only antonia jacobi, who started in the women's race up to 14 years of age, could present herself in the best way. "A victory was possible, she was only nine seconds behind the winner from regensburg, katharina kraus, after 18:26 minutes.
Anton tatzel, who started in the men's race up to 14 years of age, made a crucial mistake at the beginning, which cost him at least a place on the podium. For him it became place 4.
The bavarian sprint championships took place the day before in the old town of zeil am main. Dieter oechler won the class H65, angelika weid the D65 (both TV coburg-neuses). Thomas scheler, competing in the men's 55+ class, was still in the lead after the first round. After a few inattentions in the second run he had to be content with bronze.
Gabi dotsch also won bronze in the D55 class. 44 seconds behind the bronze medal, antonia jacobi finished in 4th place in the D14 school girls class.

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