Ramps and pipes floated into hochstadt

Ramps and pipes floated into hochstadt

Hochstadt’s skaters had to wait a long time, but now they can look forward to it. A skate park is taking shape on the aischwiesen meadows, which the city has been wrangling over with the authorities for years.

Placing obstacles for skateboarders in the aisch meadows is much more difficult than it seems at first glance. Because the aisch meadows below the fortuna kulturfabrik are a flooded area, strict conditions had to be met and approval notices had to be awaited. Only after the district office and the water management office had given the green light could the project be put out to tender and now built.

The ramps, halfpipes, curbs and rails – as skaters call their obstacles such as ramps, halfpipes, edges and gelanders – are now in place. The connecting paths from one obstacle to another are still being concreted. If the weather cooperates, the whole park can be used maybe at the end of this year.

Opening is still ongoing

The skatepark is the last part of the fortuna kulturfabrik’s aubensport facilities. It also includes a soccer field, a basketball court and a volleyball court. Even though it will still take a few weeks until the official opening, the finished facilities are already being played on.

"We are glad that the time has now come", says bernd riehlein, manager of the fortuna culture factory. The first idea for such an outdoor sports facility dates back to 1998. At that time, the first calls were made in the agenda working group for a youth center that would also have an outdoor sports facility. In 2002, the city bought the building of the former manz/fortuna shoe factory with the goal of turning it into a cultural center and integrating the youth. Over the years, this project has been implemented step by step.

The main building of the old factory was the first to be renovated and rebuilt. The forecourt followed, years later the boiler house and now the sports facility in the aischwiesen meadows.

This facility will cost just over 300,000 euros. Sports enthusiasts will then be able to play on a 35 by 16 meter grass field, a 25 by 15 meter asphalt basketball court and a 16 by eight meter volleyball court with a grass surface.

Main reason for the long delay was the flood issue. Permits have been a long time coming, and compensatory sites had to be found first.

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