Schwabach: drug trafficking ring broken up – five arrests so far

Schwabach: drug trafficking ring broken up - five arrests so far

The schwabach criminal investigation department succeeded in putting a stop to a drug trafficking ring centered in schwabach. So far, five arrests have been made in the course of the investigation.

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Schwabach: five arrests have already been made

As the police reported, the suspects had already been targeted by the schwabach drug squad at the end of 2017. The investigation, conducted in close cooperation with the nurnberg-furth public prosecutor's office, ultimately culminated in several arrests. At the end of january, the officers arrested two men (22 and 24 years old) and a woman (22 years old) in schwabach. In addition, the handcuffs clicked in nurnberg and in abenberg (district of roth). Two other men (23 and 22 years old) suspected of involvement in gang-related drug trafficking have been arrested there.

Drugs found on the suspects

In addition to trafficking over a kilogram of amphetamine, the quintet is also charged with possession of large quantities of marijuana. During the search of the apartment of the suspect arrested in nurnberg, the investigators stumbled upon a cultivation facility for cannabis plants. Police seized over a hundred grams of marijuana from the five suspects.

The four men and one woman are accused of gang-related trafficking in a not insignificant amount of narcotics. At the request of the nurnberg-furth public prosecutor's office, the suspects were brought before an investigating judge after their arrest. Four of the five suspected gang members have since been remanded in custody. Meanwhile, the investigation into the case is still ongoing.

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