Seeler: “bundesliga must deal well with its fans”

Seeler: 'bundesliga must deal well with its fans'

"The teams from the west were all much better prepared," the 75-year-old tells dpa news agency in an interview. Seeler sees the development of the bundesliga as positive, for him it is the strongest league. But he warns against raising ticket prices for the supporters.

Mr. Seeler, it is said that hsv was not at all prepared for the start in the bundesliga. You already with your 30 goals.

Uwe seeler: "that was my duty, after all, to push gates. But I didn’t give up my job and drove at least 60,000 kilometers a year for adidas. That was a bit harder, but i couldn’t feed my family on 1250 marks gross – that was the mandatory salary from the dfb for national players. There they do not even get an apartment in hamburg. I then trained a lot on the road. HSV has accepted that. The club also wanted to introduce the bundesliga, but was not well prepared after the departures from the championship team. Koln and the clubs in the west in general were more professional."

Today they juggle with millions of dollars. Will it last long??

Seeler: "the players were blod if they didn’t take what they could get. After the bosman verdict, salary development has become crazy. But you have to know the limits on all sides. But the price-performance ratio is not right in many cases. Professional soccer is a reflection of our society. A psychologist once said: above a certain amount, money makes the head sick."

How do you see the development of germany’s flagship league??

Seeler: "we can see the development positively, the fubball booms. But we have to take care of that. There must be no slumps like in england and italy. Heibt ja, wenn das geschaft gut lauft, muss man es gut pflegen. This is not the way to overcharge admission prices. So far, everything has only exploded upwards, you have to be careful, have a feeling for fan and spectator, because money is getting tighter. The fans are very loyal, they stand by their club. So did my HSV, where ticket sales are booming despite the poor season standings. I am glad."

What do you think about technical aids??

Seeler: "with so many goals not being given, you have to ask yourself whether we shouldn’t at least allow the goal camera to be used. Otherwise, I am for the factual decision, but there it piles up. The camera is a tool that can create clear conditions. The bad thing is that despite the goalkeeper, the goals are allegedly not seen. I think it’s good that technical aids are now being tested."

How strong is the bundesliga?

Seeler: "at the top, there are two or three clubs that are running away, in the middle to the bottom, there is a lot of activity. Everybody can beat everybody, that’s why it’s even. I mean the bundesliga is the strongest league."

HSV has been there from the beginning, has never been relegated and is celebrating its 125th anniversary in september. What role will the hamburgers play in the new season??

Seeler: "i have a wish that things will get better and we won’t be stuck in relegation. I’ll be honest: I’m still skeptical that it will be a great season. But a team is to be built, and actually I am always an optimist. The opening program against nurnberg, in bremen and then in frankfurt had to be manageable."

What do you think of the purchases so far, especially germany’s former number 1, rene adler?

Seeler: "adler is, if he stays healthy, a very good goal guard. A good man for HSV. But he has not played for a year and a half. I wish him to be in top shape."

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