Series of murders in cyprus: seventh body found

series of murders in cyprus: seventh body found

The seventh victim of a serial killer has been discovered dead in cyprus – the little girl was only six years old. Police suspect it is the last victim. Seven crimes were confessed to the police by a 35-year-old captain of the cypriot national guard.

The search for bodies took almost two months. Divers discovered the remains of the six-year-old in a dredging lake on wednesday. It had been sunk there in a suitcase weighted down with concrete. "Light a candle," radioed the diver to his colleague on the shore of the quarry pond at midday on wednesday. "I do – but why?" – "for the child. I hold it in my arms, eduard. I hold it in my arms, I tell you."The touching dialogue of the diving experts, who have been searching for weeks for the last missing body and have now found the girl, deeply affects many cypriots. The series of murders is unprecedented for the mediterranean island.

Since 2016, the alleged perpetrator has allegedly been killing undetected – and that is also due to the inactivity of the cypriot authorities, many criticize. The victims are five domestic helpers from asia and romania, two of whom had daughters aged six and eight respectively.

The accusations against the authorities are that they had ignored early reports of missing persons, because the foreign women were "second-class human beings. Cyprus justice minister resigned in may over case, police chief fired.

On 14. April tourists had stumbled upon the first body in an abandoned ore pit, only then did the case pick up speed. Only five days later, the 35-year-old alleged perpetrator was arrested – officers had tracked him down because he had been in contact with the first victim found and also with other missing women via the internet. Subsequently, more bodies were found in two dredging lakes.

The search was difficult, the lakes are contaminated with chemicals, the visibility is not even half a meter. The fact that the divers have now been found is therefore also a source of relief – there is hope, write the cypriot media, that the horror has come to an end.

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