Small fcn honors members and seeks new sponsors

small fcn honors members and seeks new sponsors

Everything is in the green – that was the conclusion reached at the members' meeting of the 1. FC niederlindach at the annual general meeting in the sports center. During the honoring of deserving members, numerous people were awarded the silver and gold pins of honor.

The chairman jurgen hartmann could also burgermeister horst rehder (BB) as well as the honorary chairman helmut maar bury to the annual meeting. After the spin-off of the handball department and the dissolution of the JFG over a year ago, the club still has 319 members.

"Professional teamwork on the board and in the departments are the key to success", hartmann noted. He praised the dedicated training managers who contribute to the sporting success of the departments. Above all, the commitment of the volunteers at the four-day church fair and in the management of the sports center deserves respect and recognition, because the income is urgently needed and, together with the sponsors, forms the cornerstone of the club's finances.

This year the fences around the squares and the ticket office have to be renewed and the facade of the sports house has to be renovated. For this reason, the club is looking for members to set up an internet sponsorship for FC niederlindach. "I can tell you what we need, but I can't do it myself, because I'm a bit at war with the PC", hartmann solicited volunteers.

From the five departments there were only positive reports, only with ju-jutsu the exercise units had to be limited, after the trainer had left the association and also the gymnasium as training hall because of the reorganization cannot be used. Mayor horst rehder was able to spread some optimism, however, because he hopes that the gymnasium will be ready for use again in the fall, if everything goes well. After no bids were received, a new call for bids had to be put out for the mobilization of the plant. Rehder also countered rumors that the gymnasium would no longer be available to the clubs after the renovation. "Nonsense, the occupancy times will continue as before after the renovation", the burgermeister declared.

Michael heinlein was honored for ten years, manfred mirschberger and matthias bayer for 20 years, christian ort for 30 years, erwin balsam, karl windisch and harald heinlein for 40 years, and heinrich gumbrecht and fritz haubner for 50 years. 

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