Small giant very roughly

Small giant very roughly

"Staghorns, small giants very rough!" Heibt a new exhibition at the steigerwald center in handthal. The deer oat is not only the largest, but also one of the most impressive oats in our forests due to its antlers, report the exhibition organizers. Especially in the evening hours from the beginning of june to about the middle of august the males go buzzing and flying in search of the females.

The deer oat is still widespread in germany, but not very common. Thru sonnte eichenwalder, but also

Garden with appropriate deadwood are his habitat. Supplementary guides provide a wealth of interesting facts, background information and curious facts about the true giant among the insects.

Children will find many offers: they can take a close look at the oats with a microscope, test their knowledge in a quiz, create artistic oats or have themselves photographed as a giant oat. The exhibition is open until 29. September to see. The center is open from tuesday to sunday, 10 a.M. To 6 p.M.

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