Sonnefeld building committee votes for playground preservation

Sonnefeld building committee votes for playground preservation

An application for a change of use to a "garage settlement" is on file in the town hall was reason enough for the building and environment committee to make an on-site inspection of the condition and significance of the land, which is surrounded by residential buildings. One opinion was to maintain the popular meeting place, which is equipped with playground equipment, seating and a fountain, in its current function. Thus the change of use requested in writing was rejected.

During the rest of the tour, mayor michael keilich (CSU) and head of the building department stefan dummlein classified the monastery school as a renovation project. Here the municipality wants to create (affordable) living space. It was a special event for the committee members to inspect the otherwise closed cellar rooms. A steep spiral staircase led them into the "sonnefeld underworld", which, according to tradition, was even used as the site of a mushroom farm in the 60s. In the meantime, an entrance to the underground passageway through which the former buildings of the 16th-century "st. Peter's" were passed has been bricked up in the sandstone vault. The cistercian monastery, which was dissolved in the nineteenth century.

Historical to the burger center

Historically interesting objects are to further enhance the burger center on martin luther street. As the mayor explained to the council members, a tiled stove from a local farmhouse will find a new place here. The no less historic piano, on which the sonnefeld home song rhymed by the former head teacher hermann wank (originally dedicated as an occasional poem to the cultural reading society) was first performed at the beginning of 1901, is to be classified as a show object. In the basement of the historic building, the municipal council members were convinced of the progress of construction of the "new" building community library. It is traditionally run jointly by the community and the reading club. Equipped with new reading material from all areas of knowledge and a variety of digital data carriers, as well as a lounge and reading corner for children, the library is to open its doors on thursday, 22. Marz, to be reopened.

"The domanenhof and especially the rondell cannot stay like this", head of the building office dummlein in the "new sonnefeld center fixed. In doing so, he referred to surface damage left by trucks and omnibuses driving on the water-bound cover. The administration is instructed to explore possible improvements and financial auand by paving or asphalt surface.

Building applications

The company terra-tec gmbh has submitted an engineering plan with serious changes for the operation of an electricity generation plant on the rothgasse (former baywa site). Concerns about increased emissions and immissions and multiple objections from immediate neighbors were reasons for the committee to reject the application. Private requests were approved.

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