Sophia loren loves pizza without the frippery

Sophia loren loves pizza without the frippery

Celebrity chefs have named pasta dishes after her, and she has been considered the "queen of pasta" for decades – but italian hollywood diva sophia loren (84, "it began in naples") loves pizza just as much.

"It’s really the same thing," loren told the deutsche presse-agentur in berlin. But pizza can be prepared faster. "With pasta, you have to cook the sobe, and then you have to make the pasta – so when there’s not much time, i prefer pizza."

And how does she like her pizza the most? Without frills – the neapolitan original. "The real, original pizza is with tomatoes on it and olivenol – that’s the real pizza. Today they do this with many other things. But this is not the original." She prepares both – pasta and pizza – herself to this day. Pizza in particular is very easy to make, said loren, who has also published cookbooks.

The actress ("houseboat", "arabesque") had traveled to berlin to participate in the 70. To take part in the bambi awards ceremony.

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