State bath: last swearing in of hammelburg officers’ guards

state bath: last swearing in of hammelburg officers' guards

In front of their families, as well as dignitaries and numerous spectators from the region, about 500 officers took their oath and the solemn pledge "to serve the federal republic of germany faithfully and to defend the law and the freedom of the german people bravely" on thursday in the spa gardens of the bad bocklet state spa. The ceremony began with a field service and a concert by the kassel army music corps.

"This 19. September will have a prominent place in your life and your service to our country", bad bocklets mayor andreas sandwall (CSU) buried the 400 male and 100 female soldiers, including 50 cadets from 18 other countries. "Look ahead to the responsibility you are taking on."

Keynote speaker: count von stauffenberg’s son

Sandwall reminded on the occasion of the 75. The forderverein commemorates the anniversary of the 1944 assassination of adolf hitler by claus schenk graf von stauffenberg, whose eldest son berthold it welcomed as a keynote speaker at the state spa. "The name stauffenberg stands for courage, responsibility and conscious selflessness." The task of today’s federal soldiers is to defend human rights, human dignity and freedom. "This is important in a world that is becoming increasingly intolerant." The members and guests asked sandwall: "it is our duty to pay our respect to the young soldiers and to support them." As mayor he assured the soldiers of the solidarity of the market of bad bocklet: "we are all proud of them"."

In his address, lieutenant colonel mathias steiger, commander of the officer maintainer battalion 2, also emphasized his pride in the officer maintainers and their instructors. Although this public swearing-in ceremony was the last of a battalion of officers from hammelburg, it had become a tradition in bad bocklet over the years. The future path in officer life is exciting and definitely a challenge, the commander addressed his young soldiers directly, "but it never gets boring. Steiger encouraged them to gain experience on their way and to use it in their responsibility for the people entrusted to them. "The job of a soldier is not like any other job."

A ten year old in the clan

Berthold schenk graf von stauffenberg (85) took up this keyword in his keynote speech. Previously, the major general, who retired 25 years ago, had referred to the young men and women who had come before him as "my young comrades buried. 63 years ago, stauffenberg himself was such an officer, describing his beginnings in the german armed forces, which were founded in 1956. The soldier’s profession is more than just a job. It is a vocation whose ethos and moral principles must continue to be preserved even when re-entering civilian life.

As the eldest son of colonel claus schenk graf von stauffenberg, who as a ten-year-old had to suffer the nazis’ clan imprisonment, he urged the young soldiers, true to their oath, to "bravely defend the federal republic, even if it means personal disadvantage". He declared "hitler and his cronies" had taken away the honor of the german people at that time. His father and his fellow conspirators, fully aware that they were acting against the majority of germans at the time, had risen up against the nazi regime in order to regain this honor. "They were concerned with restoring the moral standing of the german people before other nations and before god."

Earlier, janka elisa oettle (obergefreite OA), speaking for all 500 officer candidates, said it was a privilege for her to be allowed to serve for peace and freedom in germany. "Officer in the bundeswehr is more than a profession." You have to be a "role model in independent thinking and acting being and bearing responsibility for the lives of others and for the whole country. "We stand behind the values of democracy and we stand up for them", assured the young officer maintainer.

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