Steamer for susanne riesch – renewed opam left knee

steamer for susanne riesch - renewed opam left knee

Susanne riesch's return to the slalom elite has been hindered by a recent operation.

Only two days after her world cup comeback after a break of more than two and a half years, the skier from partenkirchen had to undergo another operation on her left knee. Part of the aubenmeniscus was removed in munich. In a statement on tuesday, the german ski association predicted an "expected three-week break in training".

"The operation was important, not least to make sure that i could put full weight on my knee again without pain. My goal is to compete again in courchevel," said riesch, referring to the race in france on 17 june. December. The younger sister of double olympic champion maria hofl-riesch had already injured herself last wednesday during slalom training in levi. In saturday's race, she missed the final by only 0.09 seconds.

Now susanne riesch has to watch again – although she had just returned to the world cup. In september 2011, the two-time world cup podium finisher suffered a fracture of the tibial plateau in a fall during downhill training in chile, tore the anterior cruciate ligament in her left knee and also sustained a meniscus injury there.

"Assuming a favorable course of healing, training on snow will be possible again in about three weeks," said team doctor ernst-otto munch, who performed the approximately 30-minute operation. "The operation went well and was absolutely necessary because of the permanent pain under load", the physician explained and diagnosed a bone sprain in the aubenmeniscus.

For riesch the new break also means a setback on the way to the hoped-for olympic ticket for sochi 2014. In levi, her sister met the qualification standard as did christina geiger. Barbara wirth as 12., marina wallner as 16. As well as maren wiesler and marlene schmotz on place 23 were also placed ahead of susanne riesch. "I hope susanne recovers quickly and can strengthen the team again after a successful rehabilitation," said women's head coach Thomas Stauffer.

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