Tax investigators investigate ibc solar

tax investigators investigate ibc solar

Theresa schiffl as the public prosecutor’s office hof announced in a press report, the company IBC solar is being investigated after a search. The company is said to have evaded around 23 million euros in import duties.

The hof public prosecutor’s office, together with the munich customs investigation office, based in nurnberg, is investigating those responsible for the company on suspicion of tax evasion, committed through the purchase of previously falsely declared solar modules from china. IBC solar spokeswoman annika bloem said: "we are cooperating fully with the authorities and are still evaluating the facts ourselves. Therefore, we are not yet able to make any statements about the current proceedings."

Already on 29. In october, around 70 customs investigators, together with tax investigators from nurnberg, searched the company’s headquarters in bad staffelstein and the private residences of the board members.

Origin of modules concealed?

In the course of other investigations, the investigators discovered that the importer and supplier of the solar modules originating from china deliberately concealed the actual origin during customs clearance in order to save the antidumping and countervailing duties for solar modules from china, which are becoming due.

Between march 2015 and august 2016, the staffelstein-based company IBC solar is alleged to have purchased in almost 60 cases the modules that had previously been falsely declared at customs clearance, ostensibly originating in india, taiwan, malaysia or vietnam.

On the very day of the search, investigators from customs and the public prosecutor’s office managed to secure six million euros in company assets. The evaluation of the seized company documents, especially in digital form, is currently still ongoing.

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