The art of improvisation

The art of improvisation

Herzogenaurach- never seen before: improv theater held for the first time at herzogenaurach high school this weekend. The "improv theater" P-seminar, consisting of kathi siebecke-yrisarry, lucia welker, helen beumelburg, robin laws, elena schlemper, carolin mukke, edda richter and jule pfeiffer, showed the audience how varied and amusing spontaneous actions on stage can be.

After about 25 scripted theater productions, the director of the seminar, daniela zell, had the courage to give up control and bring this refreshing form of theater to life at the gymnasium. "The whole process was just totally exciting", she explains. "The students brought an incredible amount of creativity and the rehearsals were really interesting. However, for a long time, many of the group didn’t want to go up at all. It was only after a workshop with the improv theater ensemble holterdiepolter that things changed, and I am very glad that they have now performed after all."

And rightly so: the actors delivered an outstanding performance and carried away the audience, which was naturally involved: the spectators were allowed to call places and all kinds of ideas onto the stage, to pay in the scenes and even to contribute objects.

Start with a "theater of the rip-offs

The performance began with a classic "high-five theater": two actors begin a scene, and as soon as there is clapping, one of them is replaced and a new scene is created. The P-seminar added a little special feature: the actors who were substituted wore headphones and sang with their backs to the previous scene, so that they had to enter the next scene blind and unaware. All the actors mastered this task with flying colors, and with their lightning-fast reactions, quick-witted remarks and spontaneous ideas, they caused a lot of laughter and enthusiasm in the audience.

It could happen that a simple cloth bag from the audience became a parachute, an office chair, a flying carpet, a fortune-telling ball, a spider and a moth within a few minutes, or that the cock of the walk, robin laws, did a somersault from a standing position.

"Lasagna climbing" as a sport

Another discipline was "hand directing", where four actors were given numbers and four people from the audience were allowed to vote by show of hands who they wanted to see in the next scene. Kathi siebecke-yrisarry also gave an "expert lecture" about the "lasagna climbing" invented by the public, where she had to explain off the cuff what this new kind of sport could represent.

The theater group improvised for all it was worth and played anything but amateur theater, for the acting performance was thoroughly professional and without exception impressive.

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