The clintons at the wiesn

The clintons at the wiesn

A touch of state visit at the wiesn: hillary (70) and bill clinton (72) visited the munich oktoberfest. The ex-presidential candidate and the former u.S. President came to the kafer tent, traditionally popular with celebrities, on friday evening.

The former presidential couple drove up with a rough escort. The two got out of a black, darkened car and waved briefly before disappearing behind a barrier and then into the tent.

Inside the tent there was certainly a great party. Bill clinton wore lederhosen and sab with a mab of beer in his hand next to gloria furstin von thurn und cabs. The ex-president of the USA was in a good mood, laughed and hugged visitors to the oktoberfest. His wife renounced the bavarian costume and came in the red-patterned blazer.

Ex-president barack obama, whom hillary clinton actually wanted to succeed in office, had announced that he wanted to visit the wiesn – after all, the world’s largest folk festival – after the end of his term in office. "I’ve never been to the oktoberfest in germany before, so i’ll have to come back again. It will probably be more fun when I’m no longer president," he said in 2016. However, he has not yet accepted invitations from the wiesn innkeepers and from the mayor of munich, dieter reiter (SPD).

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