Two million brought in

Two million brought in

Habfurt – just under two years ago, the habberge eg (BEG) cooperative was established with 40 founding members. BEG owns two photovoltaic plants and is a limited partner in the wind farm sailershauser wald (BWP) (this company is building and operating the future wind farm in sailershauser wald with ten wind turbines). At the first general meeting of the BEG in the habfurt FC guesthouse, it was announced that 196 members have now joined the association. Pleased about this positive development, the board of directors with siegmund kerker (theres) and hans-georg hafner (eltmann) called for even more citizens from the district to participate in projects for the energy turnaround.

Relief preserved
After the after the 2013 annual and financial reports had been read out, the 66 members of the cooperative present discharged the board of directors by a large majority. Wolfgang borst, mayor of hofheim, emphasizes the "lean administrative apparatus" of the BEG: this is only possible because the entire board of directors and supervisory board work on a voluntary basis and are therefore unpaid.
In addition to kerker and hafner, rudi eck, the long-serving head of the town hall in habfurt, completes the board of directors. The supervisory board includes the acting district administrator wilhelm schneider; it is chaired by aidhausen mayor dieter mohring. Borst described all of them as "generation taters", who spent their labor and time for the energy turnaround in burger hand.

Solar power is generated
Kerker informed the audience about the two solar plants owned by BEG are. This involves two installations on the roofs of the habberg clinic in the county seat. They were built several years ago. All BEG members benefit from the income from the electricity feed-in, says the former mayor of oberaurach. He further explained that the BEG will soon take over two more existing photovoltaic plants. These are located on roofs on the land of the district waste center in wonfurt.
Norbert zosch, managing director of the habfurt municipal utility, commented on the current status of the construction of the burgerwindpark in the sailershauser forest. According to him, it was possible to negotiate very favorable conditions with the nurnberg environmental bank for the purchase of the ten rotors. The interest rate for the loan with a volume of more than 30 million euros was less than two percent. Despite a calculated safety margin for wind generation, zosch expects that investors will earn between three and five percent over the entire term of the investment.

Commissioning at the end of 2015
The date guaranteed by the supplier for the start of operations is 18. November 2015. In his remarks, the head of habfurt's municipal utility addressed the issue of wind farm efficiency (abundance and strength of wind). He explained that there could be significant deviations in individual years. Fluctuations between 70 and 130 percent are normal, but in the long term the forecast average value of 100 percent will be achieved. The temporary shutdown for bat monitoring had already been taken into account.
Regarding the size of the citizens' contribution, siegmund kerker noted that the members had paid in close to two million euros. The "pot" intended for the company burgerwindpark sailershauser wald has not yet been filled of three million euros thus not exhausted. County councilor rainer baumgartner (zeil) wanted to know what would happen if the citizens' capital brought in was below the three million mark. Then, according to borst, the limited partners uberlandwerk unterfranken and planet energy were pleased to step in and take over the free shares.

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