When are schoolchildren old enough for lessons with touchscreen and whiteboard??

When are schoolchildren old enough for lessons with touchscreen and whiteboard??

Matthias einwag winfried ernst () used the city council meeting to inquire about the status of digitalization at the adam riese school. He said that his faction had been told that teachers did not agree to the use of digital teaching aids for first, second and third graders. He thinks it is exaggerated to equip schoolchildren with touchscreens. You don’t have to digitize the whole school right away, but should introduce young children to these technologies slowly. Barbel kocheler (): "i don’t think it makes sense for six-year-olds to be taught in an over-digitized way." Moreover, this system is no longer used at higher schools. Hans bramann () also spoke of how primary school teachers had complained that the decision to introduce whiteboards had been "decided over their heads".

Specifically, the installation of whiteboards in classrooms during the general renovation. 90 percent of these teaching materials are required by the federal government as part of the digital pact. A whiteboard is a whiteboard that can be written on with special felt pens and is supplemented by a computer beamer unit.

Concept is created by teachers

Mayor jurgen kohmann (CSU) put these opinions of the free voters into perspective: the digital pact coincides with the parallel general renovation of the school. A steering group consisting of teachers had worked out the pedagogical concept, whereby the city administration had kept out of the content. This concept, which is at the discretion of the school, includes the installation of the new whiteboards and at the same time the retention of five mobile slate boards, which each teacher can move in front of the whiteboards at his or her own discretion. Each teacher could decide whether to write with chalk on the green board or use the whiteboard. In addition, the members of the steering group had spoken out in favor of the acquisition of touch-screens.

During the discussion, werner freitag (SBUN) said that he was in favor of equipping the adamriese school with the latest technology: "it’s about the digital competence of our children." Annette ramer, a member of the chamber of commerce, spoke up and said that the school had asked when it would finally be equipped with the modern blackboards. Councilman christian ziegler used modern media to gain information: he asked a teacher at the adam-riese school via text message whether the rejection of whiteboards was as crude as the free voters had implied. This was not the case, he received in reply.

School principal astrid balzar explained, when asked by the editorial team, that the five-member steering group has been looking at digital equipment in several schools since 2018. Advantages and disadvantages had been carefully weighed up. As a result, the elementary and middle school teachers in the steering group decided to purchase these digital systems. Astrid balzar: "we didn’t make the decision lightly – but you have to have this offer today." She is also convinced that her colleagues are capable of using these teaching aids in a child-friendly and competent manner.

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