Wladimir klitschko: “afraid of losing”

Wladimir klitschko: 'afraid of losing'

Wladimir klitschko, world heavyweight boxing champion of the WBO, IBF and WBA federations, will defend his title in the coming "february or march".

The sports scientist, who holds a doctorate, explained this in an interview with the german press agency (dpa), in which he also commented on political conditions in his native ukraine and russia and on homosexual boxers.

Question: 14 days ago in moscow, you unanimously defeated the previously unbeaten alexander powetkin on points and collected the record purse of 13.38 million euros – what’s next in sports??

Answer: I will box again in february or march. Union policy is very complicated, so I can’t say yet whether it will be another mandatory or voluntary defense. I do not care. In a few weeks the opponent will be determined.

Question: you have been undefeated world champion since 2006, you have already suffered bitter defeats and you are financially well off – do you have a plan for how long your sporting career should continue??

Response: no, health and motivation decide, it’s not because of finances. I continue to have gross spab on boxing. I am afraid of losing. I hope I will know the right time to quit before I lose.

Question: who do you think is the greatest german boxer ever??

Response: clearly max schmeling, whom i had the honor to meet personally. Sporting and outside the ring he was impeccable, even in the difficult nazi period. After that comes henry maske, who has made professional boxing in germany respectable again. He played a part in the development of my career and that of my brother vitaly. Without henry this would not have been possible. In the world staff muhammad ali is of course the roughest. I met him several times.

Question: last time you beat putin’s favorite alexander powetkin in moscow – what was the atmosphere like in olimpijski hall??

Response: the spectators were on her husband’s side. I am used to that. I know this from madison square garden and from koln, where the audience stood behind axel schulz like one man in 1999.

Question: what is your assessment of the political landscape in russia under president vladimir putin??

Answer: russia or ukraine is not a model democracy like germany or the u.S. And you could not copy it there. Historical and cultural peculiarities play a role. Governing a giant empire like russia is very difficult. But putin is on the way to democracy, even if it still needs some polishing in terms of human rights. Statements and actions of putin do not always coincide. But criticism of auben sometimes falls easily.

Question: recently, professional boxer orlando cruz came out as gay. Homosexuals are ostracized and persecuted in russia – did it matter to them if one of their opponents was gay??

Response: no, of course, that was not going to matter at all. What people do in their bedrooms is a private matter.

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